Pavlo Zubko – Introduction to ferroelectrics (slides)

Sophie De Brion – Introduction to magnetism (slides)

Mael Guennou –  Introduction to group theory (slides)

Karin Rabe – Theoretical methods I (slides)

Morgan Trassin – Introduction to multiferroics (slides)

Michel Viret – Introduction to spintronics (slides)

Jorge Iniguez – Theoretical methods II (slides)

Mael Guennou – Vibrational spectroscopies (slides)

Emmanuel Defay – Calorics (slides)

Pavlo Zubko – Ferroelectric negative capacitance (slides)

Sophie De Brion – THz dynamics in oxides (slides)

Karin Rabe – Antiferroelectrics (slides)

Morgan Trassin – Elaboration of oxide thin films (slides)

Jorge Iniguez – Topological orders in ferroelectrics (slides)

Emmanuel Defay – Sensors (slides)

Andrea Caviglia – Engineering quantum geometry at oxide interfaces (slides)

Tae Won Noh – Emergent phenomena of SrRuO3 thin films and their control in the 2D limit (slides)

Karim Bouzehouane – Scanning probe microscopy (slides)

Jean-Yves Chauleau – Antiferromagnetic spintronics (slides)

Mariona Coll – Chemical deposition of oxides (slides)

Andrea Caviglia – Light control of antiferromagnetism (slides)

Beatriz Noheda – Memristive properties in oxides (slides)

Marta Rossell – Scanning transmission electron microscopy I (slides)

Marta Gibert – Nickelates (slides)

Manuel Bibes – Oxide interfaces (slides)

Tae-Won Noh – Flexoelectricity in oxide thin films (slides)

Beatriz Noheda – Ferroelectric HfO2 (slides)

Marta Rossell – Scanning transmission electron microscopy II (slides)

Mariona Coll – Freestanding epitaxial oxides (slides)

Manuel Bibes – Spin charge interconversion with oxide materials (slides)

Marta Gibert – Magnetic heterostructures (slides)

Brahim Dkhil – Relaxors, what are they good for? (slides)